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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report July 6

June 30 – A 911 caller reported electrical wires contacting trees and they were smoking.

June 30 – Camp Tamarack reported three middle-aged male kayakers trespassed onto their property.

June 30 – A Waupaca caller on Lawson Drive reported her neighbor was lying in her yard and did not know what was wrong with him.

June 30 – Cedar Springs Golf Course reported a 70-year-old unconscious woman.

June 30 – An unknown caller reported two trespassers. One had a backpack and waved at his camera and the other was peeking in his garage.

June 30 – A Fremont caller on Wolf River Drive reported a man on a jet ski ran into a structure and was floating down river.

June 30 – A Manawa caller on State Highway 22-110 reported vehicles doing burnouts and revving loudly.

June 30 – An unknown caller reported a woman bleeding from her head.

June 30 – An anonymous caller reported underage youth “drinking at the casino.”

July 1 – An Iola caller on Water Street reported an intoxicated man was chasing his dog outside around the apartment.

July 1 – A Weyauwega caller on Butternut Ridge Road reported her nephew stopped by the previous day while drinking and driving. Now she noticed damage to the utility pole and electrical box.

July 1- A Manawa caller on Wolf Road her reported neighbor was igniting fireworks that were so powerful they were shaking her house.

July 1 – A Waupaca caller requested a welfare check on a woman who did not show up for work. The woman was hospitalized for a suicide attempt the previous week.

July 1 – A Waupaca caller on Melody Lane reported an unmanned row boat drifted to her shoreline and she requested help locating the owner.

July 1 – Hardees in Waupaca reported two males lighting off fireworks in the dumpster.

July 1 – A Fremont caller on James Street reported a 64-year-old woman fell off her moped and might have broken her arm.

July 1 – An Appleton woman reported eight to nine people fighting on a pontoon boat heading towards Round Lake. She said the captain was “trying to manage things.”

July 1 – A 911 caller reported a man lying on the shoulder of the road near U.S. Highway 10 and Old Highway 49.

July 1 – A Manawa caller on Progress Road reported shooting off firearms. He said he has been drinking since 6 a.m.

July 2 – An alarm was triggered at the Little Wolf High School at 7 a.m.

July 2 – A caller reported a black Toyota Tundra almost ran him off the road. The caller had been taunted and a firearm might have been flashed. The caller admitted to “giving the finger” to the other driver.

July 2 – A Waupaca caller on Melody Lane reported the sound of gunfire.

July 2 – A caller reported a suspicious silver Ford F150 driving slowly through Swan Park and scanning the perimeter “like they were looking to kidnap someone.”

July 2 – A 911 caller reported a dog locked in a vehicle. The caller decided to just smash the window.

July 2 – A Scandinavia man on County Trunk J reported being scammed out of $500 via a gift card fraud. The scammers were now threatening him.

July 2 – A 911 caller reported a pole in a swamp was on fire with eight-foot flames. No buildings were near it, only trees.

July 2 – A caller reported a man and woman arguing in the street for over an hour and observed some slapping between them both.

July 2 – An Iola caller on Aastrud Road reported a man driving an ATV with three kids. He was driving fast and almost hit her. She tried to talk to him and he told her she was crazy.

July 2 – A caller reported his brother was out of control and throwing things. He had been drinking.

July 3 – A New London caller on Church Road reported someone shot at his house the prior night. The projectile went through a window, damaged woodwork and left shards of glass everywhere.

July 3 – A New London caller on County Trunk X reported people trespassing in his property and lighting fireworks.

July 3 – A Madison man reported his mother was beaten up at Flease’s campground.

July 3 – A caller reported two men trespassing on her property and walking around her cabin. A blue or gray car was in the driveway.

July 3 – A Marion caller on Much Street reported a 19-year-old son cut himself and the bleeding was under control.

July 3 – A caller reported a jet ski floating unmanned down the river. He tied it to a boat dock.

July 3 – A caller reported bones floating down the river and “they do not look like animal bones.”

July 3 – A New London caller on Oakwood Lane reported that an intoxicated man slurring his words left and was driving drunk towards Neenah in a red truck.

July 3 – Rawhide Youth Services reported a resident scratched a vehicle with a rock and pushed a staffer against the wall and hurt the person’s wrist.

July 3 – A Waupaca caller on Whispering Pines Road reported vehicles were parking in the no-parking spots near the boat landing.

July 3 – A Manawa caller on Hillside Road reported her horse’s tail was cut. It happened on Friday and Saturday night to the same horse.

July 4 – A New London man on Austin Court reported his friend was intoxicated and trying to force his way into the caller’s house.

July 4 – A Marion man on Ramsdell Street reported his John Deere lawnmower was stolen from his storage shed.

July 4 – A caller reported a man in his late 40s was lying on the bathroom floor surrounded by liquor and pill bottles.

July 4 – A 911 caller reported tubers heading to Round Lake were going too fast and cutting people off.

July 4 – An unknown caller reported the electrical panel in his basement was on fire and smoke was spreading through the house and coming out of the siding.

July 4 – A Waupaca caller on Western Avenue reported the neighbors were yelling at people and threatening to harm others.

July 5 – An Iola woman on Paulson Road reported her husband died. He fell down a few times and had been having issues.

July 5 – An Ogdensburg woman reported her boyfriend was missing. He wandered away from the bar last night, got into a fight and nobody could reach him by phone. His truck was still parked at the bar.

July 5 – An anonymous caller requested a welfare check on children at a house where they run around outside naked with no supervision.

July 5 – A 911 caller reported an elderly man was stung by bees, passed out and was making funny noises.

July 5 – A Waupaca woman on Rocky Hill Lane reported a problem with her neighbor trespassing on her land.

July 5 – A Waupaca man on Apple Tree Lane reported someone took a Dodge Durango from his property and sold it to a scrap yard.

July 5 – a 911 caller reported their living room was on fire. Everyone made it safely out of the house.

July 5 – An Embarrass man on Grand Avenue reported his ex threw a pint of ice cream at his girlfriends’ car and broke the driver’s side mirror.

July 5 – A male caller reported someone was trying to shoot him and his family. They were in a tent.

July 5 – Bean City Bar & Grill reported a suspicious maroon Ford Fusion that had been parking in their lot on and off for the past month.

July 6 – The Iola Car Show requested help with an individual sleeping in the car corral.

July 6 – A Manawa woman on County Trunk N reported a man shot himself.

The water patrol stopped 30 boats and two controlled burns were called in. There were numerous complaints about fireworks. There were multiple reports of kayaks and paddleboards falling off vehicles onto the roadway. An Amherst man reported two cows in the road. A Waupaca man reported a black horse running up and down the road. Dog bites were reported in New London and Waupaca. A cow was reported on the road near County Trunk B. A deputy helped a turtle make it safely across the roadway.

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