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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report July 16

July 7 – A caller reported her mother was traveling southbound on State Highway 45 and attempted to pass a bluish Nissan. The driver flipped her off and brandished a knife out the window.

July 7 – A Waupaca caller on State Road 22 reported an overdose. His girlfriend was unconscious but with a pulse and he tried CPR.

July 7 – A Waupaca caller on Crystal Road reported a suspicious male wearing all black and riding a bicycle who emerged from her woods and headed toward the Red Mill.

July 7 – A caller reported the theft of a black 2015 Ford F250 Super Duty.

July 7 – A Weyauwega caller on Emerald Street reported having an argument with his girlfriend. Both parties were drinking.

July 7 – A 911 caller reported a woman fell into a septic tank.

July 7 – The Wisconsin Veterans Home reported a woman passed out in the driver’s seat of a red Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

July 8 – A Weyauwega caller on State Highway 110 reported an auto crash the previous night that smashed two culverts and hit a number of stakes and posts.

July 8 – A Fremont caller on River Road reported her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend is harassing her via Snapchat. The woman had nude photos of the caller and was editing them.

July 8 – Burger King in Waupaca reported two disorderly people arguing.

July 8 – An unknown caller requested an ambulance for a 25-year-old man who was unconscious due to alcohol poisoning.

July 8 – A Waupaca man on Crystal Road reported a white Mazda Miata with collector plates doing donuts in the intersection.

July 8 – A male caller reported a stolen bicycle.

July 8 – A New London man on North Water Street reported that a woman wanted to report a sexual assault. The woman said a man slapped her buttocks on the river.

July 8 – Fremont RV Campground reported a couple fighting and it was escalating.

July 8 – An unknown caller reported a 19-year-old male was following around small children and recording them.

July 8 – A caller reported he confronted people the previous night about loud music and one of them put him in a chokehold.

July 8 – A caller reported a drunk driver was threatening her and refusing to let her drive him home.

July 8 – Wolf River Trips and Campground reported a woman who “seemed out of it” and was there with two small children.

July 9 – A Clintonville woman on Jannusch Road reported three suspicious vehicles near the side of the road that had been there since the previous night. They were shooting at something in the field.

July 9 – Rawhide Youth Services reported 3-4 youth tried to steal a Ford F150 but ran off when approached.

July 9 – A Waupaca caller on Raymond Drive reported having an argument with her husband who said he wanted to kill himself.

July 10 – A New London caller on Church Road reported being threatened by her step-grandchild. He sent a message that said he was “going to make someone pay for his horrible childhood.”

July 10 – A Ladysmith caller reported her mother was missing. She was visiting her husband at the Wisconsin Veterans Home. She has dementia and gets lost easily. She was driving a red Mitsubishi.

July 10 – An unknown caller reported a fence on fire near State Highway 10 and Evanswood Road.

July 10 – An Iola man on County Trunk J reported receiving a scholarship offer that turned out to be a scam.

July 11 – A Waupaca woman on County Trunk K reported receiving text messages from overseas from someone professing their love to her.

July 11 – An anonymous caller on the Chin O’ Lakes reported a black-and-orange jet ski drove through a flock of Canada geese on purpose.

July 11 – Hartman Creek State Park reported underage drinking on Whispering Pines Road.

July 11 – A 911 caller reported a 51-year-old man who overdosed.

July 12 – Rawhide Youth Services reported finding a cell phone with sexually explicit material and content involving illegal use of drugs and youth with weapons.

July 12 – An Iola woman on State Street reported her neighbor cut her fence down.

July 12 – A Manawa caller on Butternut Road reported he was scammed out of $3,500 through a gift card fraud.

July 12 – A Weyauwega caller on State Highway 10 reported receiving threatening messages from another man.

July 13 – A Manawa caller on Garrity Road reported a possible scam on Facebook where she entered her driver’s license number.

July 13 – An Iola caller on Johnson Road reported her neighbors are participating on “MK Ultra” testing on her by placing Bluetooth in her ear and putting things in her drinks.

July 13 – A Weyauwega caller on Third Avenue reported her brother shoved her down the steps with a child in her arms.

July 13 – An Iola woman on Pagel Road reported a 69-year-old man fell, vomited, and was shaking and his eyes rolled back. He previously has a stroke and a triple bypass.

July 13 – An unknown caller reported a suspicious red Toyota Camry with Florida plates and a single white middle-aged man inside. His children were playing in his yard. When he approached the vehicle, it took off.

July 14 – A Fremont caller on County Trunk W reported a contractor that did not finish work on the roof, deck and siding.

July 14 – An unknown caller reported a man in a bathroom trying to kill himself with a razor blade.

July 14 – A Waupaca woman on Covered Bridge Road reported there was a man following children along the river and asking them to help get his kayak out. He bossed the children around and chased the boys as they tried to avoid him.

July 14 – Clearwater Harbor in Waupaca reported an intoxicated man got into another person’s car and was causing a lot of issues.

July 14 – A Weyauwega caller on Birdsall Street reported her intoxicated husband was harassing her.

July 14 – A 911 caller reported a tree was on fire from contacting an electrical line on Red Banks Road.

July 14 – A New London caller on Ostrander Road reported paying a roofer $1,500 for material and he hasn’t seen the contractor for a month and a half.

July 15 – Skippers Waterside Bar and Grill reported a boat crashed into the dock and was taking off with half the dock attached.

July 15 – Bear Lake Resort reported a disorderly man who refused to leave.

July 15 – A Marion woman on Pigeon River Shores reported two people passed out in a maroon vehicle.

July 16 – An anonymous caller reported three people fighting (two men, one woman) outside of Hotel Fremont.

July 15 – A Weyauwega caller on South Street reported the death of a 60-year-old man.

July 16 – a Waupaca caller on Covered Bridge Road reported a suspicious person in a silver sedan with Illinois plates was sitting the middle of the road and watching people.

July 16 – A Marion man on Qaurterline Road reported while he was cleaning a house he saw a gun pointing down the stairs with a rope tied to it as if it were a booby trap.

July 16 – The Wisconsin Veterans Home reported smoke in back of Olson Hall.

July 16 – A Manawa caller on Patri Road reported an intoxicated woman pulled onto her property in a blue Dodge Journey and said she didn’t know where she was.

The water patrol stopped 20 boats and nine controlled burns were called in. Multiple callers reported problems with fireworks. A Weyauwega woman reported a neglected horse that was “skin and bones.” A 911 caller reported two cows in the road. A New London man reported a horse on the loose. A cat bit a Weyauwega woman. A female driver struck a young sandhill crane and injured it. A Waupaca woman reported her dog bit her son’s friend. Two cows were reported loose on County Trunk K.

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