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Childcare center at capacity

Dellwood Childcare Center is at capacity and plans to expand. File Photo

Expansion planned at Dellwood in Clintonville

By Bert Lehman

Patti Krause, Dellwood Childcare Center director, told the Clintonville School Board at its June 26 meeting that the center is currently at capacity.

But with an expansion of the childcare center scheduled to take place soon, an additional 30-40 children should be able to be added.

Krause said there are 86 children on the waiting list to be enrolled at Dellwood. This includes 43 infants and 1-year old children, 17 2-year olds, 15 3-year olds, six 4-year olds, and five school-aged children.

She said she receives calls every day about openings at the child care center.

“I think the expansion is going to help the community,” she said.

There are currently 10 full-time employees, one part-time staff member and a food service custodial assistant employed at Dellwood. This does not include college students currently working there.

Seven employees are going back to college in the fall, she said.

“I have a really good staff right now,” she said. “I think they’ve found their niche and it’s going really good.”

She added, “I am going to need to roughly increase our staffing by six staff.”

This would be broken down to three full-time and three part-time staff members.

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