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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report Aug. 5

July 31 – A New London woman on North Landing Road reported getting scam calls about extending Medicare benefits.

July 31- A Waupaca man on Sanders Road reported the theft of an enclosed trailer.

July 31 – An Embarrass caller reported a homeless man wandering through town acting “creepy” and was going to sleep at the Dollar General.

July 31 – The FBI provided a cyber tip concerning gun threats towards politicians, minorities and other groups.

July 31 – A Fremont caller on State Road reported a woman who was just released from jail said she was going to hurt herself. She ran out of the house on foot.

July 31 – A Waupaca caller on Whispering Pines Road reported a vehicle parked on a hill that created a dangerous blind spot. It was a red Sebring with a bumper sticker that read, “I hate law enforcement.”

July 31 – The Wisconsin Veterans Home in King reported a resident touched another resident inappropriately.

July 31 – An unknown caller requested an ambulance for a man in the road near EZ Bar and Grill in Bear Creek who was bleeding from his face.

July 31 – A Scandinavia caller on Mill Street reported his neighbor was using her tractor and yelling outside.

Aug. 1 – Recon Boats in Iola reported receiving a fraudulent check for $5,400.

Aug. 1 – East Side Mobil in Waupaca reported a fuel drive off valued at $50.

Aug. 1 – A Waupaca caller on Union Street reported her daughter was missing.

Aug. 1 – A Shiocton caller on Kilner Road reported a suspicious moped parked in his cornfield.

Aug. 1 – Chain One Stop in Waupaca reported a fuel drive-off valued at $56.

Aug. 1 – A New London caller on Crain Road reported his neighbor’s chicken-killing dogs were causing problems and he feared for the safety of his daughters.

Aug. 1 – A Fremont caller on Landscape Lane reported a trespassing black Ford F150 on his property.

Aug. 1 – A Waupaca caller on North Street reported his roommate was “tripping on mushrooms, walking around, freaking out and making noises.”

Aug. 1 – Waupaca Mobil reported multiple vehicles doing burnouts and donuts in the parking lot.

Aug. 1 – Eastside Mobil in Waupaca reported the theft of three cases of Twisted Tea. The person was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a mask and sped away.

Aug. 1 – A Scandinavia caller on Rollofson Lake Road reported being scammed out of $38,000 through “the geek squad.” She went to a bank in Stevens Point for the wire transfer.

Aug. 1 – Compassus Hospice requested a welfare check on a male patient who called to say he did not want any nurses to come out to visit and he didn’t need their services anymore.

Aug. 2 – The Waupaca County Jail requested an ambulance for a cardiac issue.

Aug. 2 – The Wisconsin Veterans Home a suspicious person on the property the night before. The person entered Moses Hall and was “acting very weird.” The person was driving a Toyota Rav 4.

Aug. 2 – Dollar Tree in Waupaca reported a vehicle crashed into the building, smashing a window and damaging the wall.

Aug. 2 – An Iola caller on County Trunk G reported that when she came home, her dogs were closed in her niece’s room when normally they are out. She was concerned that she might have a possible stalker.

Aug. 2 – A Waupaca caller on Crystal Lake Road reported she was out for a run and she saw another woman who looked like she was out for a run but she was wearing flip-flops. When she saw the woman again, she was with a man and her hands were behind her back.

Aug. 2 – Rawhide Youth Services reported a juvenile resident punched a person.

Aug. 3 – A Waupaca caller on Cemetery Road reported his son took his vehicle to work without his permission. He only has his temps. He was going to retrieve his vehicle but wanted an officer to speak to his son about the incident.

Aug. 3 – A caller reported grass and trees on fire near State Highway 110 near Royalton.

Aug. 3 – An Iola caller on North Street reported a man lying on the side of the road that looked intoxicated. The man had vomited.

Aug. 3 – An Iola caller on County Trunk G requested an officer to talk to his neighbor about using a leaf blower that he operates in retaliation for the caller doing yard work.

Aug. 3 – The Stevens Point Crisis Center reported they had a male in the line that was upset with his girlfriend’s father. He repeatedly said he would deal with it himself and said he needed to kill his girlfriend’s dad.

Aug. 4 – A caller reported she was driving east of Waupaca on State Highway 10 when she was hit by an orange paintball.

Aug. 4 – An Iola caller on Keatings Lake Drive reported two people parked a white car on her neighbor’s property, trespassed on her land and took her paddleboat out on the lake.

Aug. 5 – A Weyauwega caller reported her diabetic and bipolar son took her vehicle and she has not heard from him since Thursday and has no idea where he is.

Aug. 5 – A Marion caller on Main Street reported her roommate was being loud. She was requesting an officer to “go over there and tell him to be quiet.”

Aug. 5 – A 911 caller reported a person took 12 Valium pills a half hour ago. The person was suicidal in the past.

Aug. 5 – A 911 caller requested assistance lifting a 400-pound man man sat down on a shower stool and the legs went out.

Aug. 5 – A Waupaca woman reported a boat that got loose and floated away under some branches on Otter Lake.

Aug. 5 – Northport Convenience store reported receiving a counterfeit $100 bill.

Aug. 5 – A Waupaca caller on Demarest Avenue reported his fiancé was missing. She left the night before with her ex who has a history of drug use.

Aug. 5 – Manawa Community Nursing reported a man was checking out the cars in the parking lot. When he came to the door of the facility and saw the caller, he took off. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and had curly hair.

The water patrol stopped 15 boats and four controlled burns were called in. An Iola woman hit a large bird that cracked her windshield. A Clintonville man reported a bald eagle that was hit in traffic but was still alive. A Marion caller reported two horses running loose. Numerous trees were reported down and blocking roads after a thunderstorm. A Waupaca woman reported multiple cows running down Voss Lane.

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