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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report Aug. 13

Aug. 7 – Mashuda Contractors reported a step ladder and an extension ladder were stolen from their jobsite.

Aug. 7 – A Waupaca man on Dayton Road demanded an officer to document a fence being removed in a civil matter.

Aug. 7 – Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance in locating a Weyauwega woman involved in a gas drive-off.

Aug. 7 – Crossroads Care Center in Weyauwega reported a woman who was loud, angry, swearing and threatening to leave.

Aug. 7 – An Embarrass woman on Main Street reported a suspicious man in a white van was trying to persuade a juvenile to get in the van.

Aug. 8 – Waupaca High School reported glass broken on the press box and garbage cans were thrown off the top of the bleachers. They had video to review.

Aug. 8 – A Waupaca man on Country Lane reported a suspicious black Saturn with a smashed-up front end sitting in the same spot for three days.

Aug. 8 – Rawhide Youth Services reported a juvenile spit in some of the staff members’ faces.

Aug. 8 – An Ogdensburg caller reported an intoxicated man came into a grocery store screaming, yelling and stumbling.

Aug. 8 – A Green Bay woman reported her boyfriend shoved her down and bit her. She did not need an ambulance.

Aug. 9 – A Fremont caller on State Highway 96 reported that while on a walk she came across two headbands, burnt logs, tarp, a sled and some bluish white crystal rocks that turned to powder when she kicked it.

Aug. 9 – A Clintonville caller reported that when he came home from work two years ago, a moped was parked next to his garage. He asked friends, family and posted it on Facebook. Nobody claimed it. He was wondering what to do with it.

Aug. 10 – Waupaca Mobil reported getting a tow request for a yellow Chevy that was “broke down.” Upon arriving at the scene, they found the vehicle was rolled over.

Aug. 10 – A 911 caller reported a black Jeep that was running and looked like it was smoking. A man was inside and passed out and not waking up to knocking.

Aug. 10 – A caller reported her mother finished work and said she was going to the hospital and wasn’t seen or heard from since. She was not home or at any of the area hospitals.

Aug. 10 – A Waupaca caller on Christmas Tree Lane reported that for the past two months the doors to her shed have been opened and closed.

Aug. 10 – A Clintonville woman on Eulrich Road reported two chest freezers duct-taped shut sitting along the side of the road.

Aug. 10 – A Scandinavia woman on Nottelson Road reported a man in his 20s was passed out in his black Dodge Ram and would not wake up.

Aug. 10 – A Fremont caller on Count Trunk II reported a man with a long white beard and a long brown hair was standing on a deck and yelling and “looking to pick a fight.”

Aug. 10 – An Amherst Junction woman reported a man was at a bar and screaming at the bartender and threatening his girlfriend.

Aug. 10 – A 911 caller reported a young man had tried to start a fight, got punched in the face and now had a large bloody gash on his face.

Aug. 11 – An Iola man on Wolf River Road reported a nearby house on fire.

Aug. 11 – A New London woman on Beacon Avenue reported another woman obtained a nude photo of her from her boyfriend’s phone. The woman then sent that photo to her own boyfriend.
Aug. 11 – A 911 caller said, “I have no idea where I am at but I need a cop here right now. My boyfriend is hitting me.” There was a male voice talking in the background. The caller gave no address.

Aug. 11 – A Manawa man on State Highway 22 reported a stolen gray Ford F150 that was taken by a juvenile who did not have permission to drive it.

Aug. 11 – Northport Convenience Store reported a fuel drive-off valued at $57. It was a white vehicle.

Aug. 11 – A New London woman on Behm Road reported the death of a 60-year-old person.

Aug. 11 – A Waupaca woman on fifth Street reported an overdose.

Aug. 11 – An unknown caller reported water skiers coming too close to shore and other people.

Aug. 11 – A Waupaca woman on Pryse Drive reported her daughter would not get into the vehicle and was being disorderly.

Aug. 11 – A 911 caller reported a field on fire. Two more calls about the fire followed.

Aug. 11 – A Waupaca woman on Woodland Circle reported she found a bag with a methamphetamine-like substance while out walking her dog.

Aug. 11 – There were multiple calls about stop signs being knocked over.

Aug. 11 – A Clintonville caller on Clinton Avenue reported there was a woman at her mailbox saying that her husband was trying to kill her.

Aug. 12 – A juvenile caller reported another juvenile asked for the caller’s phone number and Snap Chat verification code. The person hacked into the account, changed the password and was holding the account ransom and requesting money.

Aug. 12 – A Marion man on Pockat Road reported getting a bad check for $2,700.

Aug. 12 – Wolf River Trips in New London reported an intoxicated woman on the property.

Aug. 12 – A Clintonville caller on Kratzke Road reported people on a hayride threw beer bottles onto his property.

Aug. 13 – A Weyauwega woman on Harlon Street reported an intoxicated woman would not leave the residence. The caller had been violently choked.

Aug. 13 – A Waupaca woman on Emmons Creek Road reported a dog lunges and growls at her every time she walks by with her dog on a leash.

Aug. 13 – Fleet Farm in Waupaca reported they had shoplifter in custody.

Aug. 13 – An unknown caller requested an ambulance for a girl stuck in a swing.

Aug. 13 – Clear Water Harbor reported a man fell and hit his head in the parking lot and an elderly woman who looked “out of it” was standing next to him

Aug. 13 – A New London caller on Landing Road reported a 2014 gray Buick Enclave was stolen. They found a roll of toilet paper with a knife in it on their deck.

The water patrol stopped six boats and 14 controlled burns were called in. Sheep were reported running loose in the road. A Farmington caller reported a residence with a large number of flea-ridden cats roaming around. An unknown caller reported he was bitten by his own dog. Trees were reported in the roadways after recent storms.

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