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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report Aug. 20

Aug. 14 – An anonymous caller reported a suspicious car with a smashed-up front end parked near a vacant building for the past three weeks.

Aug. 14 – An Irma man reported a hitch and a mud flap were stolen off his truck during the Symco Weekender. He said the items were now on Facebook.

Aug. 14 – A Port Washington man reported his trailer hitch was stolen during the Symco Weekender.

Aug. 14 – A Manawa man reported his trailer hitch was stolen during the Symco Weekender.

Aug. 14 – An Oneida man reported his trailer hitch was stolen during the Symco Weekender.

Aug. 14 – The Pines Post-Acute and Memory Care in Embarrass reported disorderly behavior as one resident elbowed another resident.

Aug. 14 – A Waupaca caller on Julie Road reported a black truck drove through her property.

Aug. 14 – A Waupaca woman on Deerview Court requested an ambulance for a baby who fell off a bed.

Aug. 14 – A Ripon caller reported her trailer hitch was stolen over the weekend.

Aug. 14 – A juvenile caller stated that he or she does not want to live anymore. The caller has gotten help but “it seems to get worse as the night goes on.”

Aug. 15 – A Clintonville man on Walnut Street reported a vehicle drove through the ditch and tore up his yard and knocked over some garbage cans.

Aug. 15 – A Manawa man on State Highway 22 reported he was blasting rocks form a farmer’s field and it would make some loud booms.

Aug. 15 – A Redgranite woman reported her trailer hitch was stolen over the weekend.

Aug. 15 – A male caller reported his trailer hitch was stolen.

Aug. 15 – An Iola man on State Highway 49 reported a case of animal cruelty and that his father-in-law shot his own dog.

Aug. 15 – A Clintonville caller reported a person stole an motorized wheelchair from a person she was caring for.

Aug. 15 – A Weyauwega man on Mill Street reported an ongoing problem with dogs in the road.

Aug. 15 – An anonymous caller reported a man was violating his bond conditions by drinking and driving. The man crashed his truck and his girlfriend’s vehicle while drunk and hid the vehicles in his garage.

Aug. 15 – Sunset BP in Weyauwega reported a gas drive-off valued at $41. The vehicle was a red Corvette.

Aug. 15 – An unknown caller requested an ambulance for a 28-year-old woman who felt like she was going to faint after drinking and being out in the sun.

Aug. 15 – A Milwaukee man reported a truck on fire at the end of a driveway and near some trailers.

Aug. 15 – An East Peoria woman reported her trailer hitch was stolen over the weekend.

Aug. 15 – A male caller reported someone stole his wood pile.

Aug. 15 – A caller reported a white Buick all over the roadway. The driver was a male “playing with himself” and attempting to pull up to other vehicles.

ug. 15 – A Waupaca woman on State Highway 22 reported a suspicious blue car with two people in it that have been parked in front of her house for 30 minutes.

Aug. 16 – A Waupaca woman on County Trunk K reported her Hotspot was stolen.

Aug. 16 – A Fremont man on Templeton Trail reported two bikes parked in his yard. He checked the area and could not figure out who owned them.

Aug. 16 – A Manawa woman on Walnut Street reported her husband was being aggressive and throwing things.

Aug. 16 – An Iola woman on North Street reported her boyfriend locked her out of the apartment and was not letting her back in.

Aug. 16 – An Iola woman on Water Street reported there were men in her apartment building and she did not feel safe in her apartment.

Aug. 17 – A Waupaca man on Stratton Lake Road reported a man put four tires in his yard the night before.

Aug. 17 –A Weyauwega man reported Waushara law enforcement was with him concerning a burglary. They were going through some pawn tickets and some of the items were his.

Aug. 17 – A Bear Creek man on County Trunk D reported he was pelted by gravel while mowing his lawn.

Aug. 17 – A female caller reported animal neglect. Some horses had not eaten for three days and now the owners got some goats.

Aug. 17 – A New London man on State Highway 45 reported a person trespassing on a dirt bike. The person was captured on game cameras driving through food plots.

Aug. 18 – A Waupaca woman on Isabelle Road reported a 9-year-old male was out of control and hitting himself with household items.

Aug. 18 – Dollar General in Embarrass reported a disgruntled customer refusing to pay for items.

Aug. 18 – A Weyauwega man on White Lake Road reported items missing from his garage over the years and also with farm machinery out back. His motorcycle was tampered with and his garage door opener was missing.

Aug. 18 – A New London woman on Beckert Road reported a problem with a serial stalker.

Aug. 18 – An Iola woman on Oak Road reported her brother’s ex-girlfriend threatened to harm her and key her car.

Aug. 18 – An anonymous caller reported a 4-year-old boy wandering for four hours alone.

Aug. 18 – A Clintonville man on Laude Road reported finding stones and bottles in his yard and believed his neighbor put them there.

Aug. 18 – A Waupaca man on Cherokee Court reported a suspicious red Chevy Equinox by the bridge and nobody was around.

Aug. 18 – An Escanaba man reported an airplane turned over and the pilot was deceased.

Aug. 18 – A male caller reported a man at the boat landing wearing a black sleeveless T-shirt and was yelling at everyone and cutting off people at the dock.

Aug. 19 – An anonymous caller reported neighbors were shooting off fireworks in the road, playing loud music and underage drinking was suspected.

Aug. 19 – An anonymous caller reported an underage female drinking at a local bar.

Aug. 19 – A Manawa man on Riverview Drive reported dogs barking all weekend that appeared to be left alone and might not have any food or water.

Aug. 19 – An unknown caller reported a juvenile said he was going to kill himself.

Aug. 19 – A Waupaca woman on Harrington Road reported an incident involving photos of a juvenile and threats to expose the photos until money was paid.

Aug. 20 – A Bear Creel man on County Trunk D reported a case of illegal immigration and sex trafficking involving a transport van with Florida plates.

Aug. 20 – A female caller reported her father had been drinking for the last two days and possibly today. He was threatening suicide. Her stepmother said he was going to put a gun to his head and there were guns on the property.

Aug. 20 – A New London man on Oakwood Lane reported his intoxicated father was threatening him with a gun.

Aug. 20 – Innovative Services Gateway in Weyauwega reported a former client was trespassing and would not leave.

The water patrol stopped 14 boats and nine controlled burns were called in. A caller reported a horse on the loose. A caller reported sheep in the roadway. Callers reported numerous trees in the roadways after recent storms.

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