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Suspect charged with reckless endangerment


Domestic abuse case involves alcohol

Michael D. Mathis Sr., 35, Clintonville, is charged with second-degree reckless endangerment, two counts of disorderly conduct as acts of domestic abuse and felony bail jumping.

At 5:42 a.m. July 30, Clintonville police responded to a disorderly conduct complaint that Mathis had been drinking all night and had attempted to defecate in a baby’s bassinet.

The caller recommended that multiple officers respond because she believed Mathis would be combative due to his drinking, according to the criminal complaint.

While police were en route, they learned that Mathis had left the residence in his vehicle.

Clintonville Police Officer Katlyn Garbers made contact with the caller, who accused Mathis of trying to run her over as he was driving out of the driveway.

Garbers also spoke with Mathis’ girlfriend. She said noise in the living room woke her up at approximately 5:30 a.m. She went into the living room carrying their newborn infant. She said she found Mathis sitting on the couch with no pants or underwear on.

According to the criminal complaint, Mathis allegedly stood up, walked over to the bassinet, squatted over it and attempted to defecate in it.

The girlfriend has other three children, ages 1-5, living in the house. When she heard one of them coming into the living room, she yelled at Mathis that he needed to put some clothes on because not being dressed was unacceptable when the children were around.

The girlfriend contacted her mother, who lives about one block away, via video chat about Mathis’ behavior.

When he learned the mother and police were coming over, Mathis allegedly became upset. He then grabbed the keys and left the house.

While there were no feces inside the bassinet, Garbers reported observing that a blanket and pillow in the bassinet were soaked with what smelled like urine.

Mathis is currently on probation after being convicted of disorderly conduct as an act of domestic abuse on Oct. 25, 2022.

He was released from custody on a $2,000 signature bond.

Mathis is scheduled for an adjourned initial hearing on Sept. 5.

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