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New wheel at Red Mill

The Red Mill installed a new metal waterwheel that will last much longer than the wooden that was removed in 2018. A crane hoisted the components into place. James Card Photo

Old wheel removed, replaced

A new water wheel was installed at the Red Mill on Monday, Sept. 11.

Crystal Road was cordoned off as a crane from Faulks Brother’s lifted the metal pieces into place as a ground crew adjusted them into position. An aerial lift was on hand for working aloft.

The new Fitz-style wheel is 24-foot diameter by 4-foot wide.

The original wooden waterwheel decayed and did not function since the 1960s. It was taken down in 2018.

Waterwheel Factory, a North Carolina-based firm that is the world’s largest manufacturer of landscape waterwheels, fabricated the new wheel. They were present to oversee the installation.

Don Schmidt, the son of Red Mill’s original owner, said the project cost $60,000 and $40,000 has been raised so far.

Donations can be given at www.redmillwaterwheelfoundation.com.

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