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Clintonville offered property donation

The property at 92 7th Street has been offered as a donation to the Clintonville Redevelopment Authority (RDA). Before accepting the donation, the RDA is requesting more information about the property. Jeff Hoffman Photo

RDA wants more information

By Bert Lehman

The Clintonville Redevelopment Authority (RDA) has been offered a donation of property located at 92 Seventh St.

However, RDA has requested more information before accepting the donation.

That was the decision the RDA committee made when it met Sept. 19.

According to an email dated Sept. 13, from Magnus Zaunmueller, with the Menn Law Firm in Appleton, to City Administrator Caz Muske, the law firm is assisting with the probate of Earl D. Younk Jr., who owned the property.

“Rather than try to sell the property, the trustees/personal representatives of Earl’s Estate have informed me that they are willing to donate it for charitable purposes,” Zaunmueller stated in the email.

Zaunmueller also asked if the property were donated, if the city would be able to expunge the $3,953 in delinquent real estate taxes that are owed on the property.

RDA discussion

Muske told the RDA committee that the property has not been inspected by the city’s inspector. She said she requested the law firm allow access to the property.

According to 2022 Waupaca County real estate tax records, the total assessed value of the property is $61,300 and the Fair Market Value is $77,200.

“Based on the limited information that we have, my recommendation would be to take no action until we have additional information on the condition of the facility,” Muske said.

Brad Rokus, RDA committee chair, agreed with Muske’s recommendation.

Ald. Darrell Hansen, who was at the RDA meeting, said he has been inside the house in the past, and described the condition was “very rough.”

“So, we’re talking demo, probably,” RDA member Greg Rose said. “What they want to saddle us with is the demo costs.”

Rokus expressed concerns about the property lot being a non-conforming lot, in which case, a house probably could not be rebuilt on it if the current house is razed.

Delinquent taxes

RDA member Jack DeWolf asked what would happen to the delinquent taxes if the city does not accept the donation.

Muske said the county isn’t active in taking possession of properties for delinquent taxes. Since this property has only a couple of years of delinquent taxes, back taxes would continue to accumulate for several more years before the county would step in.

DeWolf asked if the property was occupied.

Muske said she thought it is occupied, but would need to verify that.

DeWolf questioned whether the city’s building inspector would deem the house uninhabitable if the house were inspected.

“Potentially on the health and sanitation side,” Muske said. “If you saw the memo I had sent out, in 1991 and 1992 there was a case open for health and sanitation concerns, and it was placard at one point during that timeframe, but, I want to reiterate, just because it seems unclean doesn’t mean it’s structurally unsound.”

Rose asked Stacy Sonnenberg, finance director for Clintonville Utility, if the house is connected to the city’s utility and if the electric bills are being paid.

“There is usage, and a lot of usage, so there’s definitely people living there,” Sonnenberg said.

She also said the electric bills for the property are being paid.

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