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Publisher’s Letter

An open letter to the Senators and Representatives of the United States

Patrick Wood

Dear Senators and Representatives,

I write to you today as a concerned citizen and a newspaper and digital publisher who believes in the importance of a functioning government that serves the interests of all Americans. It deeply troubles me to witness the recurring threats of government shutdowns due to your inability to reach a consensus and your unwillingness to put aside partisan differences for the greater good.

It is imperative that you remember your duty is to the American people, and this duty should always come before your own political squabbles and differences. Shutting down the government has dire consequences for millions of Americans, causing economic hardships and eroding the credibility of our nation on the world stage. You may not feel the immediate impact of such actions, given your financial security, but it is the ordinary citizens who bear the brunt of this instability.

It is disheartening to observe the radical and often ignorant actions and rhetoric from both sides of the aisle. As the next election approaches, we, the American people, should remember those among you who put your personal agendas before the well-being of our nation. We must exercise our right to vote and elect Senators and Representatives who prioritize the interests of their constituents and the nation as a whole over their own partisan interest.

If you are willing to entertain the notion of a government shutdown, I propose a simple solution: Fine each of you for every day the government remains closed, and suspend your salaries until you do what is right for the American people. Perhaps this financial consequence will serve as a reminder of your responsibility to your constituents.

In closing, I urge you to reflect on your roles as public servants and the trust that the American people have placed in you. It is time to set aside your differences, engage in respectful dialogue, negotiate, and compromise in order to prevent further harm to our great nation. The welfare of America should always come first.

Publisher of Multi Media Channels

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