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Publisher’s Letter


Patrick Wood

Dear Reader,

Last summer while on a family trip to Quebec City, my 16 year old grandson Dylan asked me if I would zip line over the waterfalls. Before they strapped on the zip-line gear, they asked me if I would step on the scale. I was 4 pounds over the weight limit, so Dylan went with his father Mike. I was relegated to taking a video of them as they zipped across. That was disappointing.

When I got home I decided to lose weight. Instead of relying on any of the multitude of diets on the market, I based my vision on a simple two word philosophy: “Consume less.” And instead of getting a personal trainer and hitting the gym, I based exercise on a simple one word philosophy: “Walking.” Things don’t happen in a day or even a week, but little changes can lead to a big difference, such as no breads, butter, creamy sauces, and snacking; vegetables and proteins limited to an 8 hour a day window; and walking consistently each day.

Actually, that’s a lot of changes. But it’s working – I’ve already dropped a lot, with a ways to go until I’m at my college fighting weight.

If this interests you, my advice is to make your own plan. You’ll feel much better in so many ways because you’re not carrying around that extra bag of oats that your body never needed in the first place. As a bonus, you probably will live a longer and healthier life.


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