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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report Oct. 29

Oct. 23 – A Waupaca caller on Golke Road reported her neighbor’s dog comes onto her property and attacks her dog. The dog previously bit a juvenile.

Oct. 23 – An anonymous caller reported a suspicious man walking into incoming traffic. He was wearing maroon shorts and a black hooded sweatshirt.

Oct. 23 – Gold Cross Ambulance requested help with an upset, combative patient with cognitive issues.

Oct. 23 – A Waupaca caller on West Stratton Road reported a man showed up at his house and said he was “from the bank,” and started taking pictures.

Oct. 23 – An Ogdensburg woman on Campbell Lake Road reported some heavy outdoor furniture was stolen.

Oct. 23 – An anonymous caller reported a man was shooting a firearm from a deer stand in the direction of the caller’s house.

Oct. 23 – An Oshkosh man reported hearing voices in his head that said they were going to kill him. He believed there was a camera in his glasses and they were watching him. He said the Outagamie Sheriff’s Department didn’t believe him so he drove to Waupaca County.

Oct. 24 – An unknown caller requested an officer because he believed someone was gaining entry into his home by disabling the alarm system.

Oct. 24 – The Waupaca Clerk of Courts reported a woman left a voice message on the Branch 1 phone. She said, “Judge Huber made me kill myself.”

Oct. 24 – Appleton ThedaCare requested a welfare check on a man who was very agitated and denied harming himself but said that he “was better off dead.”

Oct. 24 –A Pine River man reported the gate to the Veterans Home property was damaged and the locks were cut off. He suspected poachers were at work at the end of Polly Road.

Oct. 24 – A Clintonville man on Amber Lane reported someone ripped a dropbox off the wall of a building the night before. The caller suspected that whoever stole his truck last week might have also taken the dropbox.

Oct. 24 – A Shawano woman on Cleveland Street reported receiving harassing messages from a man. She blocked him but the messages kept coming. She wanted to file a restraining order.

Oct. 25 – Rawhide Youth Services reported the theft of some Packer items. They had a confession from a student.

Oct. 25 – A Waupaca caller on Glenvale Court reported a female friend text messaged him and said she got beat up.

Oct. 25 – A female caller reported a man was stealing restaurant equipment and supplies and stashing the stuff in his garage.

Oct. 26 – A female caller reported a fire near Fleet Farm. There was smoke and flames on the north side of State Highway 10.

Oct. 26 – A Neenah caller reported a man stated on Facebook that he is “taking his final ride.” The man was known to have problems with drugs and alcohol.

Oct. 27 – A man called 911 and said his wife is out of control and needs an ambulance. A woman came on the line and said she was OK and just sleeping.

Oct. 27 – An unknown caller reported a tree hitting a power line and knocking out the power.

Oct. 27 – A Weyauwega caller on County Trunk F reported he has numerous pieces of jewelry that his ex-girlfriend left behind. He thought they may be stolen property.

Oct. 27 – The Larrabee town chairman reported trespassing hunters on township land.

Oct. 27 – A Marion caller on Main Street reported when he let his dog out, he heard a scream that sounded like someone was being hurt.

Oct. 27 – An unknown caller reported a man posted on Facebook that he was going to kill himself.

Oct. 28 – A Waupaca woman on Grove Lane reported hitting a gas line with a T-post. They evacuated the house.
Oct. 28 – A Waupaca man on Shambeau Court reported the theft of a Milwaukee power tool kit and $70. The money and tools were removed from two different vehicles.

Oct. 28 – A female caller reported her brother was living with her and on probation. She had Blink camera footage of him using drugs and hiding them.

Oct. 28 – A Waupaca caller on Dawn Drive reported someone was shining a red laser into his window.

Oct. 28 – A Neenah caller reported the death of an 85-year-old man.

Oct. 29 – An anonymous caller reported a white pickup truck left a bar in Clintonville. The driver was doing shots at the bar before departing.

Oct. 29 – Waushara County requested assistance in a domestic situation near Fremont. Someone was inside of a house with a shotgun and a woman was in a vehicle with a weapon.

Oct. 29 – Wolves Den Bar & Grill in Manawa reported a disorderly man refused to leave. He was currently out front and holding a drink.

Deer-auto collisions increased this week as the whitetail rut begins. Five controlled burns were called in. An Iola woman on County Trunk J reported eight cows were grazing in her front yard. An unknown caller was bitten by a dog, was bleeding a lot and felt like passing out. A Scandinavia woman reported loose cows in the ditch near the road. A Waupaca man reported 20-30 loose cows near Hatton Road.

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