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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report Nov. 5

Oct. 30 – A Clintonville caller on Sievers Road reported damage to her front door.

Oct. 30 – A 911 caller reported a gas line was struck during utility work.

Oct. 30 – A Waupaca woman on Lamplighter Lane reported $13,000 was stolen from a bank account.

Oct. 30 – A Waupaca man on Kelleen Drive reported he was being harassed by his ex-girlfriend. She was continuously trying to contact him via phone, text, Snapchat, Facebook and recently sent a message about doing drive-bys.

Oct. 30 – Rawhide Youth Services reported two juvenile runaways.

Oct. 30 – A Waupaca caller on Lawson Drive reported a suspicious man hanging out behind some storage units and walking around them and up and down the block.

Oct. 31 – A caller reported that a man struck a woman and she was currently in the Shawano ER. The man was still at the residence and she was concerned about this.

Oct. 31- An unknown caller requested an ambulance for a 35-year-old female with a pulse but not breathing. It was a possible overdose. The caller came home from work and found her this way.

Oct. 31 – A Waupaca caller on Lawson Drive reported a man walking up and down the road and he walked over a storage unit. She believed he was living in there.

Oct. 31 – An anonymous caller reported a trailer behind a vehicle was on fire near State Highway 10 and Anderson Road.

Oct. 31 – A Manawa caller on Wolf Road reported a man trespassing on his property with a spotlight and leaving with a buck in the back of his truck. He had trail camera photos of the man.

Nov. 1 – New London school bus staff reported a car driving through the warning lights of a stopped school bus.

Nov. 1 – A Waupaca man on Hidden Otter Trail reported a suspicious blue Ford Escape parked in the cul-de-sac.

Nov. 1 – Rawhide Youth Services reported one resident put another in a chokehold.

Nov. 1 – A New London caller on Bear Lake Road reported a man wearing a mask tried to flag her down while driving on State Highway 54.

Nov. 1 – An unknown caller reported finding drugs in a maroon Ford Flex.

Nov. 1 – Rawhide Youth Services reported juveniles being disorderly and three broken windows.

Nov. 1 – A Waupaca caller on County Trunk E reported a juvenile went outside to get something from a vehicle and a man wearing all black was standing in the yard. The man left on foot toward town.

Nov. 1 – Rawhide Youth Services reported a juvenile runaway.

Nov. 2 – A Waupaca caller on Larsen Road reported a person was relieving themselves behind an air conditioner outside of a church. This happened multiple times and the caller had some photographs he wanted to share.

Nov. 2 – A Manawa caller on Clark Street reported her brother was at her house and he told her that their mother was in his bed with a man and the man had a suitcase.

Nov. 2 – A Marion caller on Petersen Road reported that his security footage shows his ex-wife came to his residence and smashed some pumpkins. She lived a couple hours away.

Nov. 2 – An Iola man on Birch Drive reported a man threatened himat this address. The man was posting videos of violence about the caller and his family on Facebook.

Nov. 2 – A Fond du Lac woman reported she was intoxicated, feeling suicidal and would not say where she was.

Nov. 3 – Marion Body Works reported they terminated an employee and he made threatening comments.

Nov. 3 – An anonymous caller reported a vehicle parked overnight for two days in the parking lot of a public hunting area. The caller thought the person may have been hurt in the woods.

Nov. 3 – A caller reported trespassing duck hunters near the Rawhide Youth Services property.

Nov. 3 – A Waupaca caller on Berlin Street reported a roommate was trying to kick her out and threw a friend into a plaza door.

Nov. 4 – Rawhide Youth Services reported multiple juvenile runaways.

Nov. 4 – Repossessors Inc. reported they were repossessing a white Forest River Vibe camper.

Nov. 4 – A Shiocton caller on Ashley Road reported he went out to his brown 2008 GMC Sierra to get some Tylenol and it was gone.

Nov. 5 – A female caller reported she had some unused fireworks in a shed that were submerged in a bucket of water. She read that this was dangerous and was afraid of a potential reaction.

Nov. 5 – A caller reported the death of an 89-year-old woman.

Nov. 5 – A Waupaca caller on County Trunk QQ reported two people were hitting each other.

Nov. 5 – A Waupaca caller on Berlin Street reported a man was burning garbage and dressers with no fire pit. It had been going on for four days and the caller was concerned about the man’s mental health.

Nov. 5 – An anonymous caller reported a duck hunter shooting a duck while standing at the public boat landing and paddling in a kayak to get it. They were shooting in the direction of houses.

Nov. 5 – A Marion caller on Bowers Road reported a man came to her house the previous night asking permission to track a deer on her property. The man later went on her property to get it.

Nov. 5 – Rawhide Youth Services reported two juvenile runaways.

There was a large spike in deer-auto collisions during this period. People complained of “deer bits in the road” and several officers were dispatched to euthanize wounded deer. Fourteen controlled burns were called in. A loose cow was reported near Quarterline Road. An aggressive dog was reported on Pine Lane in Waupaca. There were two complaints about dogs roaming around on neighboring properties.

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