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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report Nov. 15

Nov. 13 – A Fremont man on Redemann Road reported a suspicious vehicle parked at the end of the road.

Nov. 13 – An Iola woman on County Trunk G reported the theft of a pocketknife, a small box of jewelry and $200-$300 of collectible rocks.

Nov. 13 – A Waupaca man on Stone Ridge Road reported a suspicious man walking down the road and looking to get a ride. The man did not speak English and refused help.

Nov. 13 – A Waupaca woman on Akron Road reported she believed her husband was stalking her and followed her to the courthouse.

Nov. 13 – A female caller reported animal neglect concerning a co-owned goat. The newborn kids of the goat all died and the other owner offered no explanation. The caller tried to buy the goat from the other co-owner and when picking it up, the goat lost half its weight.

Nov. 13 – An anonymous caller reported a “falling-down drunk” woman was by her car and trying to get in. The caller stated she was on the ground a few times.

Nov. 13 – Subway in Iola reported a man was there making threats because his girlfriend was fired.

Nov. 13 – A New London woman on Stage Road reported there have been trespassers on her roof, destroying it. She said it was an ongoing issue and they have been there twice in the past week. She suspected it could be a family up the road.

Nov. 13 – A Waupaca man on Chalet Drive reported the theft of a snowmobile trailer with the snowmobiles on it.

Nov. 13 – ThedaCare reported a woman making comments about harming herself.

Nov. 14 – A Tigerton caller reported a man was standing at a fence and hollering at them. The caller’s husband was the village president and he received some threatening emails about burning their house down.

Nov. 14 – A cellphone caller reported a truck on fire on State Highway 96. A man was standing outside of the vehicle.

Nov. 14 – A Tigerton caller reported property damage. There was a hole in the garage and the “doors were drilled shut from the inside. He suspected the previous tenant.

Nov. 14 – An unknown caller reported a man was participating in unlicensed salvage sales near Weyauwega. The caller said the man had previously been shut down for this activity by the state.

Nov. 14 – An Oshkosh caller reported that while hunting in a treestand, a black Chevy SUV stopped along the road and the female driver opened the back and told a small brown dog to get out. The driver left the dog there.

Nov. 15 – A Clintonville caller on County Trunk O reported there was a bright light outside her daughter’s bedroom window on the second floor. It occurred around 4 a.m. She believed it was a drone and they had video footage of it.

Nov. 15 – A Waupaca caller on Raymond Drive reported his wife might be manic. She said she was foing to be dead by the end of the day and was walking around the cul-de-sac.

Nov. 15- Triple Q Mini Storage in Waupaca reported a suspicious Buick parked there for multiple days.

Nov. 15 – A New London caller on Collier Road reported his wife would not take him to the sheriff’s office. She left him. He said he wasn’t feeling well, had not slept in three days and was a mess.

Nov. 15 – A Clintonville caller on Country Trunk I reported a man shot a whitetail buck and was “afraid things might get confrontational.” He stated the man was on the edge of his land and he shot over onto his land.

Nov. 15 – Repossessors Plus reported they were repossessing a 2018 green Ford Fiesta, a 2014 blue Ford Escape and a 2008 Buick LeSabre.

Nov. 15 – Statewide Recovery reported they were repossessing a 2013 red Ford F150.

Nov. 15 – A Scandinavia caller on Pleasant Street reported ongoing vandalism to her vehicle. She suspected another female.

Nov. 15 – A female caller reported her neighbor threatened to beat her up along with her husband. They were arguing about a land dispute.

Nov. 15 – A New London woman on Wolf River Avenue report the death of a 72-year-old man that they had not heard from or seen in the past two days.

Nov. 15 – A Waupaca caller on Larsen Drive reported that a woman was living with her brother. She said her brother is toxic and she wants a welfare check on the woman as the caller was worried for her safety.

Nov. 15 – An Embarrass man on Main Street reported the possible overdose of a 27-year-old woman who just took a bunch of pills. They were anti-depressants and she was trying to kill herself.

There were a large number of deer-auto collisions during this period as the whitetail rut continues. Three controlled burns were called in. A caller reported two horses running loose near Miracle Mountain Way. A caller reported a dog in the roadway eating a dead deer and was concerned the dog would get run over, too.

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