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Woman charged with armed burglary


Suspect accused of causing $4,660 in property damage

Corinne B. Lastofka, 40, New London, is charged with armed burglary, felony criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct.

She is accused of causing $4,660 worth of damage to her boyfriend’s car and belongings.

On the morning of Jan. 2, New London police were dispatched to a home om the 700 block of South Pearl Street. A caller had reported that a woman had entered his house and was looking for a gun.

When New London Police Officer Todd Sarazin arrived, he found two vehicles in the driveway. One appeared to be blocking the other. Two windows on the house had been broken out.

The caller was seated in the front vehicle. He told Sarazin that Lastofka was inside the house.

According to the criminal complaint, Sarazin looked through one of the broken windows and saw Lastofka walking around in the living room. He ordered her to show her hands come forward. Lastofka’s hands and neck were bloody. She raised her hands, took a few steps forward, then collapsed on the floor.

Self injury

Since the door was locked and Lastofka was visibly injured, Officer Mike Harlow made forced entry into the house.

Officers found a folding knife on the floor near Lastofka and requested an ambulance for her.

They reported finding blood on the walls throughout the house, items tipped over and mounted hunting trophies pulled from the walls.

The man who lived there told police that he had been dating Lastofka for about seven months. The previous day they had an argument and he refused to take her calls or respond to her text messages.

When he arrived home at approximately 8:15 a.m. that day, Lastofka pulled into the driveway directly behind him.

The man refused to exit his vehicle and Lastofka allegedly began hitting his vehicle with a paddle from a boat that was next to the driveway. She then pulled out a knife, held it to her throat, threatened to slash herself and used the knife to damage the car, according to the complaint.

After breaking out two windows to the house, Lastofka entered through one of the broken windows and allegedly began damaging things.

She was released from custody after posting a $2,500 cash bond.

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