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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report Feb. 15

  • Feb. 12 – A New London caller on Bean City Road reported she suspected her mother of breaking into her house and planting medication. She believed someone was in the attic. It smelled of “cigarette smoke and death.” She also suspected her mother of copying keys to her house and handing them out.
  • Feb. 12 – A Marion man on Quarterline Road reported someone broke into his outbuilding and stole a welder, tool chest and hand tools.
  • Feb. 12 – A New London caller on Cedar Street reported her ex-husband said he wanted to shot himself with a shotgun.
  • Feb. 12 – A Marion man on Town Hall Road reported someone keeps calling him. It was a woman’s voice. He did not know her.
  • Feb. 12 – A female caller reported a suspicious situation. Her husband noticed a young man in his truck. He yelled at him and the man ran, entered a small car with another person and they took off. Nothing was missing in the truck.
  • Feb. 13 – A Weyauwega caller on County Trunk KK reported her purse was stolen out of her vehicle during the night.
  • Feb. 13 – An unknown person stopped at the Sheriff’s office and turned in a counterfeit $5 bill.
  • Feb. 13 – A Marion man on Quarterline Road reported a burglary in progress. A dark pickup truck was parked behind his house and they were trying to leave.
  • Feb. 13 – A anonymous called reported a woman was driving while heavily drugged on Xanax. The caller said she was barely coherent while speaking on the phone.
  • Feb. 13 – A New London woman on State Highway 45 reported a family incident that involved custody of three children.
  • Feb. 13 – An Ogdensburg man on Poverty Hill Road reported his neighbor was killing his cats. “If the cats go across the road, they don’t come home,” he said. The caller was missing three cats in the last four days.
  • Feb. 13 – An anonymous caller reported receiving this text message from a juvenile: “Goodbye. I love you all, y’all had a great impact on my life, some had less, but oh well, we are all human and make mistakes. I hope to some of y’all in my next life. Goodbye.”
  • Feb. 13 – A New London caller on County Trunk B reported around 2 a.m. that a male subject got into his son’s Trailblazer. When the caller turned on the lights, the male ran off towards the road and got in a mini van with a loud muffler.
  • Feb. 14 – A Waupaca man on Van Street reported a problem with a bulldog and a rat terrier running amuck on his hunting property. He has photos of them from his trail camera.
  • Feb. 14 – A Manawa caller on Wolf Road reported someone called her and asked for personal information regarding her Medicare. She gave it to them and now she think she may have been scammed.
  • Feb. 14 – A Marion man on County Trunk C called because he heard a person was arrested for some recent thefts in the area. The caller reported he had some things stolen within the last few weeks.
  • Feb. 14 – A Waupaca man on Whispering Pines Road reported he was on his employer’s property dumping off some wood chips and the neighbor came out and called him a “retard.”
  • Feb. 14 – A New London man on Weyauwega Road reported a 9mm pistol was stolen out of the center console of his vehicle.
  • Feb. 14 – Rawhide Youth Services reported a student assaulted a staff member.
  • Feb. 14 – A New London woman on Jennings Road reported her purse was stolen out of her vehicle during the night. There were strange tire tracks in the driveway.
  • Feb. 15 – A representative of the village of Ogdensburg reported a suspicious white Jeep Cherokee sitting overnight in a no-parking area. The vehicle was unlocked, the keys were inside and a knife was on the front seat.
  • Feb. 15 – A Waupaca man on Elm Valley Road reported his tenant was an elderly man who always paid his rent on time for the past seven years. The man was now overdue on rent by two months, his cell phone was out of service and nobody will answer the door.
  • Feb. 15 – A Waupaca man on Popple Road reported that while he was in jail, a woman took money out of his bank account. He pointed out that the woman is deceased.
  • Feb. 15 – A Manawa woman on County Trunk T reported her purse was stolen out of her vehicle overnight.
  • There were very few deer-auto collisions during this period. Ten controlled burns were called in. Waupaca ThedaCare reported a woman was bitten by her own cat. A Waupaca woman was delivering flowers and was bitten by a dog.

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