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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report March 10

  • March 4 – A Waupaca caller on Jensen Road reported missing some chains and buckets from his unlocked shed.
  • March 4 – A Weyauwega man on State Highway 110 reported a “dune buggy” smashed a sign, guardrail and mailbox and left the scene.
  • March 4 – An Ogdensburg caller on Swamp Road reported her husband was scammed. He sent a person more than $7,000 in gift cards because he believed he won the lottery. He was taking money out of a home equity account to pay for it.
  • March 4 – A Manawa caller on Colleneen Court reported the shed on his rental property was broken into and the door was broken.
  • March 4 – A New London caller on Oakwood Lane reported she manages an estate of a person who passed away and whose spouse went into an assisted living facility. There are now squatters living in the residence.
  • March 4 – A Manawa caller on Colleneen Court reported she took out a restraining order against another woman who keeps driving by her house multiple times a day.
  • March 4 – Waupaca County Communications Center received a 911 call and heard a woman screaming she needs help. The dispatcher was able to identify the caller.
  • March 4- A New London woman on State Highway 45 reported being a victim of a fraud.
  • March 6 – A Fremont caller on Wolf River Drive requested a welfare check on a man that locked him out of the house. The caller said the make was delusional and claimed he had the key to the gun safe.
  • March 6 – A Manawa woman on County Trunk T reported a possible case of illegal burning.
  • March 6 – A 911 caller requested an ambulance for a 70-year-old woman who fell down and might have broken her hip.
  • March 6 – A Marion man on Main Street reported a suspicious man wearing all-black clothing walking down State Highway 45 towards Marion.
  • March 6 – A Scandinavia woman on Pleasant Street reported a woman who was not allowed on the property just showed up despite a court order for her not to be there.
  • March 8 – A Waupaca man on Pine Street reported damage to a door inside his house.
  • March 8 – A Marion man on Horn Road reported a person broke into his house and cut out the copper piping. The caller said he had not been in the house since mid December.
  • March 8 – An Oshkosh caller reported a suspicious silver minivan with out-of-state plates. A man was either sleeping or passed out inside and the engine was running.
  • March 8 – An Ogdensburg man on Spruce Lake Drive reported getting letters from a collection agency about a debt owed to AT&T for mobile phone charges. The caller has never used AT&T for phone service.
  • March 8 – A Clintonville man on Laud Road reported his cousin keeps text messaging him and harassing him. The caller said he was afraid.
  • March 8 – A caller reported a convicted felon attempted to purchase a firearm.
  • March 8 – An Ogdensburg man on County Trunk E reported his 2012 gray Ford Ranger was stolen.
  • March 8 – A New London caller on Ernst Road reported a suspicious man in his 30s walking around for over an hour.
  • March 9 – A Weyauwega caller on County Trunk F reported he was cutting his dog’s hair when the dog bit him. The caller spanked the dog. His roommate came along and “clobbered” the caller in the head.
  • March 9 – There were four noise complaints about people shooting tannerite at an address.
  • March 9 – Gateway House in Weyauwega reported a resident being disorderly and breaking things.
  • March 10 – The Wisconsin Veterans Home reported one resident threatening another resident.
  • March 10 – An Appleton woman requested a welfare check on a homeless man whose car ran out of gas in Fremont.
  • March 10 – A Weyauwega woman on Mill Pond Circle reported a man and woman crawled under a fence and the caller believed they were casing the house.
  • March 10 – An Iola caller on Main Street reported a runaway juvenile. The youth has special needs and before he left the house he said, “Bring the police. I am not scared.”
  • March 10 – A Waupaca caller on Chad Court reported his wife was behaving odd lately. The night before she locked herself in a room and would not some out. Today she shaved off half of the hair on her head.
  • There were few deer-auto collisions during this period. Three controlled burns were called in. A Waupaca woman was walking down Nancy Lane when a dog bit her. The woman talked to the dog owner who asked if the dog bit her. She said yes but was so upset she walked away. An Embarrass man reported a peacock walking near the road. An anonymous caller reported his neighbor was raising roosters for cockfighting. He had more than 300 roosters, all in individual cages, said the caller.
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