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‘Human Google’ puts up points

Four students of the championship-winning W-F Quiz Bowl team, shown from left, are Emily Niemuth, Lauren Wisner, Victor Kiedrowski and Luz Gomez-Chavez. Submitted Photo

Weyauwega-Fremont pulls Quiz Bowl trifecta

By James Card

The W-F High School Quiz Bowl team won the Central Wisconsin Conference Quiz Bowl championship for the third year in a row.

The quiz questions range through all academic subjects. One question could be about a music composer, another about physics.

“They are not easy. I don’t know how some of these kids answer these questions,” said coach Molly Suehs.

Nicknamed by his teammates at the “Human Google,” Victor Kiedrowski put up many points to help the Warhawks have a winning season.

“This year he scored 1,200 points. Last year was 900 points. He is a force to be reckoned with. He was a sophomore when he started playing on the A-team. He’s made a reputation for himself. It’s really fun to watch because some of these things they come up with is nuts,” said Suehs.

There are four-person teams. There is a varsity A-team of juniors and seniors (and the Human Google) and a B-team composed of sophomores and freshmen.

The total team roster has 18 students and everyone gets to compete throughout the season and when not competing they act as timekeepers and scorekeepers.

This year was an eight-game season and the Warhawks had seven wins and one loss. It culminated in the championship win over Manawa. Manawa hosted the match.

The students use handheld buzzers like on the game show Jeopardy. There are toss-up questions and if that is answered correctly, they get a bonus question which if answered correctly, can help push the team ahead.

The game is moderated by a teacher and there is a judge who is the final arbiter of answers that might be partially correct or need more clarification.

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