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Construction begins in Clintonville

Keller Inc. has begun construction of the new Cllintonville Utilities facility Rendering courtesy of Keller Inc.

Utilities building project underway

Keller Inc. has begun construction of the Clintonville Utilities building.

Planning on the 26,000-square-foot project began 15 months ago, according to a press release from Keller.

The initial phase involved a thorough discovery and needs assessment process, where the design team, in collaboration with the building committee, delved into the requirements of the facility.

This collaborative effort ensured a holistic understanding of the project’s scope, encompassing considerations for an addition, remodel or the exploration of multiple building locations.

It was through this deliberation that a final plan and budget were established, setting the stage for the project’s forward momentum.

Achieving Public Service Commission (PSC) approval was a critical step in this process, one that the design team navigated, ensuring compliance with all necessary regulatory standards.

The construction of the new Clintonville Utilities facility is projected to take approximately one year.

Among the challenges to be navigated are the management of long-lead items, such as the generator, which are essential for the facility’s operational efficiency.

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