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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report May 2

  • April 29 – A Waupaca caller on Churchill Street reported a homeless man was sleeping in a hallway.
  • April 29 – A Kronenwetter man reported fraudulent activity on his credit card.
  • April 29 – A Waupaca caller on County Trunk E reported her neighbor is having other neighbors following her. It had been happening for five weeks. They followed her to Stevens Point while driving close to her and trying to run her off the road.
  • April 29 – A Waupaca caller on Pine Lane reported “someone tore up his house.”
  • April 29 – A Waupaca caller on Goldsmith Road reported a suspicious car on her property.
  • April 29 – A Milwaukee woman staying with another woman reported her host was making suicidal comments and saying she was going to cut herself.
  • April 30 – The Manawa Police Department reported receiving a letter about a possible puppy mill.
  • April 30 – Gold Cross Ambulance requested help with an unruly patient with suicidal thoughts.
  • April 30 – Rawhide Youth Services requested an officer to help with a juvenile smashing his head into the wall.
  • April 30 – ACR Repo reported they would be repossessing a 2012 Chevy Traverse.
  • April 30 – A Waupaca woman on Fulton Street reported a kicked-in door with blood on it with a missing lock.
  • May 1 – A Marion woman on Schoneck Road reported a suspicious burgundy Ford SUV.
  • May 1 – A Waupaca man on Lake Street reported the theft of $360.
  • May 1 – Waupaca Mobil reported a drunken man in the auto repair lobby hollering at people.
  • May 1 – An anonymous caller reported a man and woman having a loud argument. The woman told the caller to call the cops instead of just staring at them.
  • May 1 – A Waupaca man on Crystal Road reported his renter threatened him when he gave him a copy of the contract he was breaching. The renter said it was his house and the caller felt like he was going to get punched in the face.
  • May 1 – An unknown caller reported a woman was on the side of the road arguing with her boyfriend about being at the Landing Strip.
  • May 2 – Assured Recovery reported they will repossess a 2021 red Silverado.
  • May 2 – A truck driver reported his semi “caught a wire” and it was on the back of his truck.
  • May 2 – An anonymous caller reported two people were arguing and a man was outside and yelled, “I am going in this house and will kill everyone inside.” All people were inside at the time of the call and the caller thought this was related to drug use.
  • There was an average amount of deer-auto collisions during this period. Nineteen controlled burns were called in. A female caller reported a dog was run over, was limping and nobody helped it, with someone saying, “Maybe it would learn its lesson.” A New London caller on Stage Road reported two malnourished chained-up dogs. A Waupaca caller on Sue Lane reported an injured baby fox.
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